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Bed & Breakfast

Traditional [farm] houses with a few rooms, usually with private facilities, where they serve also breakfast. Often a diner in the evening is also possible.

Holiday Rentals
Traditional, private owned holiday houses, usualy detached but sometimes on the property where also the owner lives.

Rural Camp-sites

Small-scale camp-sites, frequently on properties of an (old) farm, where one enjoys nature, silence, rest and joviality.

Other accommodations
Private accommodations which do not fall under the other three categories. Like e.g. apartment, hunting lodge, gypsy-caravan, lighthouse etc....

For Sale
On the Internet site of Rural Places are also listed properties, houses and accommodations offered for sale. Click further and search on region or department. - Visit Rural France and taking a tour at all the camp sites and enjoy quality holiday rentals at cheap prices. All information on our website in France.
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